KANTREND products were established when our founder couldn't find his hair pomades that could perform the result he wanted. Inspired by other handmade hair pomade products, he spent a lot of time with many failures to achieve the best formulas that come with high quality and well performance.

It was his hobby in spare time and quickly became a passion. After almost 2 years of researching, in May 2018, he launched the first 3 products for hair grooming included CLASSIC, ORIGINAL, MATTE CLAY.

With the first try on hair, we guarantee that you will be satisfied. The products come out with the goal: not only perform well but also benefit you, that's why we did many examinations for our ingredients to ensure everything is well-sourced and works perfectly, even the smell of our products.

We put our hearts in every single product and we proudly handmade in California.

Cheers !