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A luxurious PHENOMENAL and self-indulgent oriental leather with an intoxicating clasp captures a pure air. And the name just says it all, the energetic opening makes an immediate declaration as clary sage and fresh lavender lead attention with aromatic scent. Extremely attractive bitter almond and vanilla emphasis fill textural richness to the leather heart. Soaked in orrisroot from the iris flower unveils its delicate beauty. Addictive tonka bean and lavish leather flow the amber undertones vibrate with a cozy radiance. Gossamer golden woods make a positive statement of clear extravagance with a buttery end.




Leathery - Aromatic





Extrait De Parfum (40%)


100 ML - 3.4 OZ


"All our fragrances are Extrait De Parfum. Each bottle contains 40% fragrance concentrate for better performance, longevity and sillage. We bottle and do packaging by hands only. Every detail was made with love for greater using experience. Handcrafted in California with high quality ingredients around the world."


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